foot rest for pedicure

The versatile two-piece set of raisEase is the ideal addition to your pedicure service! Simply place the durable, lightweight, portable, easy to sanitize raisEase rest on each side of the pedicure bath. Your client's bare feet will simply gravitate to the foot rests!

Feet rest at a comfortable height, and clients will appreciate the additional hygienic step you take for their well-being, plus the added benefit of less leg and back strain while sitting. The two-piece set of raisEase support shorter legs and eliminate the discomfort of dangling feet to heighten your client’s enjoyment of your pedicure service. Your clients will thank you for the healthful, comfortable, relaxing pedicure experience, and will look forward to their next visit!

The raisEase rest was designed by a professional nail technician to use for her own pedicure clients. As a stickler for neatness, sanitation and client comfort, messy wet towels or bare feet on the floor during a pedicure service presented a situation that needed to be resolved somehow. It was also a concern when observing short-legged clients trying to deal with discomfort because their feet did not touch the floor. The solution to those problems plus other healthful benefits is the two-piece set of raisEase! No more messy towels or bare feet on the floor, and clients are sitting more comfortably while their feet are supported. You too can now enjoy the benefits of using the raisEase rest in your pedicure service!

arm rest for manicureThe convenient, versatile, lightweight and easily portable two-piece set of raisEase can also be used as a comfortable arm rest for manicuring ease both for the client and nail technician. They support and steady your client’s arms keeping your client’s hands in a calm and relaxed position which helps avoid those annoying dings and smudges on freshly polished nails! Perhaps your clients might just like to rest their arms while catching up on the newest magazines! The raisEase rest can be useful for this as well!

Join the growing group of nail technicians who have introduced the raisEase rest into their pedicure and manicure services. The two-piece set of raisEase is quickly becoming the choice of professional nail technicians for ease of use, client appreciation, and the opportunity to enhance and increase the value of their pedicure and manicure services.


raisEase rest Coverettes...

coverettes for foot rest

Enhance the use of raisEase even more for your clients or personal use with raisEase Coverettes! Though the raisEase rest is easy to clean and sanitize, the washable soft fleece Coverettes insure sanitation, add comfort and softness, and feel exceptional under your foot or arm! Only Coverettes gives you the special and cared for feeling you deserve!


for Your Home or Office Use...


The versatile two-piece set of raisEase is a foot rest one moment or arm rest the next depending on your comfort need! They are durable, lightweight, portable, convenient to use and easily positioned by you for your comfort.

As a foot rest, raisEase

  • increase comfort while sitting
  • support shorter legs and keep feet from dangling
  • reduce leg pain and fatigue while working at a desk for long periods of time
  • are enjoyed by folk who like to raise their feet to lessen back and leg discomfort, and be more at ease.

As an arm rest, raisEase provide restful elevation for arm soreness, comfortably support your arms when sitting up in bed, while engaging in such activities as reading, knitting or crocheting, and even prop up your arm to relieve fatigue while clicking your TV remote to watch your favorite programs!


raisEase rest . . . creating a new level of comfort!